Love hard,Fuck harder
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Anonymous said: are u bi?


Anonymous said: :)

come off anon

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Anonymous said: does orlando have a instagram?


Anonymous said: Why did you and your ex break up?

for the past year we’ve been on and off. during that time we were seeing other people, but still talking. we just kept hurting each other & i ended up falling hard for someone else, and dating them but ended shit with him right before prom and went to prom with jerry. we ended up getting back together but shit wasn’t the same, and i wasn’t happy. it sucks when youre with someone, yet you feel so alone. jerry and orlando (the guy I’m with) have fought multiple times and are both going to court now because of it. i hadda make a choice and i choose to be with orlando…

dripping-diamonds said: You're seriously so gorgeous and your blog is my faaav 😍💕

aww hehe thank you :D

Anonymous said: whats the guys name you're seeing?


Anonymous said: do you have any pictures of your ex?

wanderstowonder said: pass the blunt por favor

*passes virtual blunt*

Anonymous said: I actually think your blog is gangsta :)

ayy thanks ma

Anonymous said: My boyfriend of two years & I broke up a few months ago, I'm seeing somebody else & it breaks my heart to think about him giving other girls attention.. How can I stop being so jealous & worried about it?

i wish i could give u advice but I’m going through the same exact thing except it’s been only a month and we were tg for 4 years & trust me it sucks but i just deal with it especially because I’m seeing someone else…